About us.

We love coding. We love design. In IQPLUS you will find a Technology Solutions company with passion for what we do, whereas talking business or when we dive into a complex technical solution.

What we think

Marketing has changed. As a consequence of our daily interaction becoming digital, every single tweet, every status update and video becomes a contact point with potential customers. While this provides great opportunities for marketers, it also means that customers expect more. Today’s consumers want services and content that meet their needs wherever they are or whatever they are up to.

How we add value

We in IQPLUS are not just experts on different types of digital solutions, we are also experts in putting it together as a whole. By keeping the customers in the center, we create simple, effective strategies that establish contact with people across all channels and stimulate the business of the customer in ways that can be measured and evaluated.

What you will get with IQPLUS

Fast Development

We understand the value of time in this industry. Our teams move rapidly with you to meet those deadlines and make you look like a hero.

Experienced Devs

We count with developers that have over 10 years of experience, more than 50 projects built and a variety of worldwide customers. We’ve been around the block.

Client Focus

We love working closely with our clients. Communication is key. We use platforms to keep customers updated on what’s done and what’s in progress.

Scaling Velocity

No matter how quickly your business expands, we can start small and grow fast. We adapt to your business challenges.

High Quality

We put very high demands on ourselves in everything we do. Through high knowledge and dedicated work, the results come in high quality deliveries.

Good Ideas

We are creative, innovative and always seeking for the best solutions for our customers. Give us your challenge and we’ll amaze you, we trust in our abilities.

We are responsible

Results are not just numbers, it’s about creating growth for our customers in a way that is sustainable and genuine, with real value creation for all involved. This means that we put quality first, take responsibility for our actions, communicate openly and treat people with respect. We always strive to maintain the highest standards for all levels in our organisation.

Our cooperation

When the best digital solutions are being built, close collaboration is required between many professionals. Advisers, designers and technologists are going to make something together. Multi-disciplinary cooperation is part of our DNA. We use Slack for chat, Trello for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.

Let's be friends