We delivered a new re-designed website and intranet for the company.

About the client

Jotne is a privately held investment company founded in 1982. Today’s portfolio comprises companies within oil and gas, mechanical industry, rolling stock and infrastructure, information technology and real estate. Jotne has grown organically by spin offs into new areas through highly competent people with initiative and an openness to innovation and the adaption of new technology. The headquarter is at Helsfyr in Oslo, with other locations at Fredrikstad and Halden. Jotne has around 200 employees.


Jotne Group

Scope of work

  • Media Design
  • Web Design
  • Intranet Development


The challenge

Jotne approached us with the challenge of designing and building their company group website along with a new intranet.

We were asked to redesign and rebuild the client’s intranet to improve the user experience, information architecture, and clarity of the layout. As an additional challenge, we had to create a complete integration between projects, employees, customers, allowing a cv export function.

The solution

Before we started with the design, we had to plan, build and organize the new data model. Information is picked up both for the website and the intranet.

For the website, based on all the content, images and corporate identity, we designed all the pages and the web interactions. The development began once design was approved.

Once the website design was approved, the intranet design was delivered, and 3 months after the website was launched, came the intranet. User testing was crucial in this part, as feedback from users helped to deliver a better product for the customer to use.

The creative process is fueled by divergent thinking — a breaking away from familiar or established ways of seeing and doing.

The result

We delivered a new fully responsive website for the Group, Intranet included, covering all their market segments.

Database was used to organise projects, employees and customers.

  • Complete database covering all project management and staff needs. Save information about the projects, employees and customers.
  • Create a flow integrated with their cv data base to allow partners to have access to resource information quickly.

Main information about each sections is:


  • Make queries to the database and export data to any documents – reports, intranet profiles, etc.
  • Access a dashboard to use the database in a user-friendly manner.
  • Add new projects to database.
  • Assign employees to the project.
  • Add new employees.
  • Employees – Explore profiles or previous work.
  • Ability to export reports by company, per customer, per market segment, etc.
  • Opportunity to tag with type of service (eg procurement, technical, etc. Fix yourself).
  • Ability to tick which projects are to be profiled and displayed on the website.


  • Add new projects to database
  • Classify projects into categories (Businesses, Customers, etc.)
  • Ability to tick which projects are to be profiled and displayed on the website.
  • Editing projects
  • Deletes projects


  • See news
  • See bulletin board
  • View information (finance, routines)

CV Generator

This is an additional tool for generating resumes from data (employees) stored in the database.

  • Retrieve information from the database.
  • Export CVs in PDF format.

GET .../iqplus/orders/ HTTP/1.1


New orders details:


"id": "ord_p7ZAMo1xwNJ4xX",

"customer_reference": "TSTNC-21",

"currency": "Euro",

"order_value": 100

"customer": {

"email": "",

"name": "John Doe"

Run Program

We are always learning and using the latest technologies on our projects if possible.

The Jotne technology stack is:

  • WordPress platform
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • PHP

Conversation is one of our most important values and a habit we support at every stage of our development process. We use Slack for chat, Trello for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.