Build and manage your sales network across the web and grow your online revenues, all from one platform.

About the client

Outshifter is centered on transparency, empowerment, ease-of-use and innovation. Born in Oslo, Norway, where they are currently headquartered, they also have presence in Hamburg, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their mission is to support a new e-commerce structure, where the value created are distributed amongst the many as opposed to the few. Making it easier for everyone to participate and benefit.



Scope of work

  • UX Design
  • Web software development
  • QA testing
  • Consulting

The challenge

Outshifter came to us seeking for help to build a platform. As every digital embarkment, medium and profile are becoming sales channels, so they wanted to provide a solution that connects suppliers with potencial resellers. What about making e-commerce available for all?

The idea was great but as they were in a very early start-up phase, correct resource assignment was key to develop the desired prototype. Time optimisation and high productivity were non-negotiable if they wanted to receive the first glimpse of the idea in a short time.

As it was an idea in development, the prototyping had to be flexible and adaptable enough to the changes coming ahead. This was taken as a starting point in order to continue developing and improving it.

The solution

First step was to fully understand how Outshifter wanted to add value to its users. The importance of each feature, what was most significant to start with and the building of a backlog of tasks. We provided digital consultancy to put ideas together and take them to a more concrete and developed vision of the platform.

We carried out rapid prototyping of the ideas we worked together with Outshifter. UX and UI design prototypes produced by this process were then evaluated by potential users.

Beneficiating from a flexible agile methodology, building the platform with its internal discussions took 6 months before customer’s users began testing the product and giving feedback. Outshifter’s platform is currently under continue development and improvement.

At the heart of agile is the flexibility it offers. Traditionally, new business initiatives are specced out upfront with very detailed requirements and little room for change, particularly as the project kicks off. The agile process, however, accepts change, and even expects it.

The result

Outshifting is the act of distributing product listings through multiple online channels, in order for them to become available for purchase and sold directly on those channels. The platform allows you to:

  • Create your own user (supplier or reseller) and build and manage your sales network across the web, getting you to grow your online revenues, all from one account.
  • Connected users can access each other’s product listings. Find products to sell for a commission, or scale your distribution by allowing others to sell for you.
  • Easily publish and sync products across several channels. Sell directly through Shopify and WooCommerce. On the short period roadmap Facebook, Instagram, Magento, BigCommerce and YouTube are coming. On the long period roadmap Outshifter will allow you to sell through websites, social media, marketplaces, direct messaging, streaming and gaming platforms.

Manage it all from One Dashboard

  • Listings : Create listings in Outshifter or import them from your existing e-commerce system. Outshifter synchronizes stock and pricing across every channel.
  • Orders: Outshifter continuasly updates inventory, customer information and order status. Manage all orders in one place regardless of sales channel.
  • Analytics: Stay ahead of the curve with powerful analytics and insights. Track total sales, revenue and distribution impact for your entire sales network.

GET .../iqplus/orders/ HTTP/1.1


New orders details:


"id": "ord_p7ZAMo1xwNJ4xX",

"customer_reference": "TSTNC-21",

"currency": "Euro",

"order_value": 100

"customer": {

"email": "hello@customer.io",

"name": "John Doe"

Run Program

We are always learning and using the latest technologies on our projects if possible.

The Outshifter technology stack is:

  • Node js, Express
  • MySQL
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React

Conversation is one of our most important values and a habit we support at every stage of our development process. We use Slack for chat, Trello for planning, and Github for code reviews and discussion.